FAQ Videos for Veralex® Hair

Why choose AHR? 

It's easy to get started with AHR Veralex. 

Check out this great video

Is AHR the same thing as Hair Club for Men?

What can I expect in a consultation? 

In a hurry? How fast can I go from now to full hair? 

Does the Veralex hair grow from my head? 

Who do I see for hair cuts and regular salon service?

Can I go out in the rain and can I swim and shower? 

What about causing more hair loss? 

How often do I have to come in for visits?

What can I do with my new hair? 

I had a hair transplant, will that be a problem? 

Do I have to worry about being too careful with my hair? 

Does it hurt and am I stuck with this forever? 

Are there any permanent effects with Veralex?

Is Veralex really as good as it sounds?

How long has AHR Hair been in business? 

Check out the process being done in brief. 

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