IMMIX® Hair for Women

IMMIX®, the solution you've been looking for.

More hair, denser hair, longer hair, stronger/thicker hair ... IMMIX Hair.

For ladies who have suffered from thin hair, brittle hair, thinning from hair loss, split ends, can't grow long hair or just want a new look of healthy, shiny hair that looks as natural as possible, IMMIX is just what many women have been waiting to find. 

Bonnie PeQueen searched for a long time to find the perfect way to provide a solid solution for women who have looked for something to enhance or provide themselves with the hair they've always dreamed about having. She decided to call it her IMMIX method as the term immix means to 'commingle' or to 'blend'. While the various methods of attachment have been used in different ways across the world, Bonnie has combined them all in one to be able to use it to help a broader condition. Coupled with our Veralex® method there is no situation that we can't handle using one of our forms of IMMIX or using Veralex solely. 

Check out the video below of Bonnie showing the versatility of IMMIX hair at the water park. 

Hair loss can be tough, especially for our ladies. IMMIX changes the game.

Hair loss can be tough, especially for our ladies. IMMIX changes the game.

IMMIX® Hair at the water park.

One thing that is certain, your significant other will be happy with your hair while you are out and about, on vacation, at the beach for a weekend away or during an every-day outing with water, rain or swimming because you can wet your hair and let it air dry and it will look great or you can pull it up wet and go casual until it's time to hit the night life scene after easily managing a quick hair style getting ready. It's fast and easy and makes the water more enjoyable knowing you will look 

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