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The only guaranteed way to get the exact look you want.

When you have exhausted all of the trials and tests for stopping your hair loss or regrowing your hair. The topical solutions didn't work or you have used them to prolong your hair loss but it's finally to that point. When the lasers, Minoxidil, Finasteride and prescription drugs or injections don't give the look and result you are looking for and a transplant isn't right for you, Veralex Hair is the answer. If you wanted transplants or if you were told it wouldn't work for you and if you did as many transplants as your scalp would allow and still don't have the density then Veralex Hair can get it all. 

Last resort almost sounds like it's having to settle for a certain look. But when it comes to methods of hair replacement 'settling' has never been so good. In this case it's most often the best look of all methods. Because YOU control the whole thing. 

The biggest problem with the various methods of hair loss solutions is density. After all, that's exactly what hair loss is... losing density. Of the various solutions to hair loss there is only ONE solution that can get you all of the density that you want or need. We have a lot of clients who did transplants but never achieved that look they wanted OR they did but later, when they lost more hair, it became impossible for them to add more density because the donor areas of their scalp had thinned too much. 

With Veralex Hair YOU control the density, YOU control the wave, YOU control the length, color and gray percentage. Together with AHR Hair you collaborate on a look and style that you want. 

The best part ... it can be done quickly and easily. 

Wedding coming up? Recently single and back in the game? Job interview? Class reunion? Maybe you're moving to a new area or new job and want to use this time to make the change to a full head of hair... it can be done quickly and easily.  


The Veralex process is fast and easy and can be done within a few days in most cases. We love to see clients having fun with the process and enjoy their new look. 

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