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The standard for many years.

The hair system has been around for decades and is the way that Hair Club for Men and a number of other large companies created such amazing results and grew their respective businesses over the last 4 decades or so. 

Hollywood staple.

For years and years many wondered how the Hollywood elite were able to regrow their hair or keep their hair looking so good for so long. The hair system is the reason. There are many celebs who seemingly regrew that hair line or thinning scalp and we all wondered what the secret was. When you have more money that you can find things to do with anything is possible right? Well it was easier and simpler than we all thought. And consider those lucky famous men and women who never had to worry about their hair because they never lost any ... or did they? 

Hair systems for everyday Joe.

Hair Club for Men, in the 1980s, brought the hair system to the rest of us instead of just an elite few. The cost was a luxury expenditure for many but it was becoming something that many men dreamed of and later, women as well. 

Not perfect but looked amazing.

The limitations with hair systems were perfectly acceptable for most people. You needed to have the right amount of hair on the sides and back to be able to flow in with a thick hair system. It also was fairly uncomfortable for some people being thicker than the Veralex of today. Some reported that they felt as if they had a hat on or at the very least could 'feel' it, despite it looking so natural. Most would tell you that it was a small price to pay to have the look they wanted the way they did before they lost their hair. Swimming could certainly be done just not quite as care free and comfortable as with the Veralex method.  

Make way for Veralex®.

The hair system would eventually be replaced with a method that is about as good as it will ever get, short of a transplant or miracle regrowth invention. But hair systems are still tried and true for so many who love them. Most hair systems that we still do here at AHR are those who feel that if it's not broken then don't fix it. Their hair looks great and they don't want to change a thing. We have not introduced anyone to a hair system in over 15 years. Only those who ask for them and pretty much always because they love theirs. 

Alternative Hair Replacement

The main thing that AHR has done here is to not only bring the Veralex to the game while also making the hair system and women's IMMIX® hair available but to make it even more affordable than ever for a private and professional studio. It is still an item that has to be built into most peoples budget but the price is more manageable than ever. As with everything you may find cheaper ways but there is a difference between cheap and more affordable. You do still get what you pay for but you don't have to break the bank to do it. 

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